Sunday, 12 April 2009

What Does Vintage Mean?

As this is the first blog from Jewels Vintage Vibes, I thought I would look at what does Vintage mean?

In my dictionary it states:

Vintage n 1. wine from a particular harvest of grapes. adj 2. best and most typical

Okay so my dictionary is dated 2002, but my concept of vintage does not match at all!

Without any definitive guidelines I have always interpreted vintage to mean second hand or used.

So it can be items that may have been brought yesterday used and then passed on to someone else for use (This I have called vintage modern) Or be anything up to one hundred years old and still be called vintage. At one hundred years old it becomes antique.

So in fact vintage has become a much nicer and more acceptable word for second hand or used.

There are some references that vintage should be 20 or 25 years old before the term is used?

How does everyone else interpret vintage?

Both photographs are representative of vintage. A wedding couple in 1926 and clothes from the 1950s

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