Wednesday, 29 July 2009

History Books and Autobiography Books

After a lot of thought, we have decided to use this blog for information on the website Weaver Family Vintage.

Originally we had decided to sell the whole and very different number of antique and used books that we had collected over the last few years. But after many months and a great deal of thought. We have decided to specialize. Already the books that we have sourced have been autobiographical or biographical. Many are of these books are not in the most popular books on Amazon, but historical, famous and sometimes the most obscure. Also we have a large number of ordinary people, who have written about their life. Living through the wars or poverty.
Military books both historical fact and fiction will be listed. As well as historical fiction

As genealogy has been a subject that we have studied and enjoy. There will be second hand books on the subject and any other books, such as diaries or bibles that have family history information in them.

Lastly we will have a large selection of local history books and old maps

As with our other website, we will evolve as time goes by. But for the moment we are busy listing our historical books.

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  1. Thanks for popping over to my blog. I also love family history. 5 years ago, I did my family tree and discovered that I have loads of relations 80 miles away. We always thought my Granddad was an only child. It turned out that he was the oldest of 10 children! SueXX


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