Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Tree Across Lode Lane, Solihull, December 2009

Our house in Lode lane was built on farm land apparently (according to my mother) on corn fields.
We did discover a few years ago an axial belonging to a piece of farm machinery. Not a good find as it was so big and buried vertical that we had to move our garden pond to avoid it.

In our area there are many large tree that are probably a hundred years old or more. Especially the trees around the Alton tavern on the corner of Lode Lane and Old Lode lane, Solihull.

A few weeks ago on a Sunday morning one fell across Lode Lane. It had been very wet and windy but on this day it was dry and only a slight breeze.

The tree just toppled over and blocked the one side of the road towards Solihull. It was very lucky that it was early on Sunday morning and not in rush hour as it would have hurt someone at the very least.

Within a couple of hours the tree was removed, I took a photograph - probably the only one.


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