Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year 2012 from Jewels and Finery Craft

Another year closes and 2012 begins. Jewels and Finery Craft has been in limbo for most of 2011. We have however continued to source and prepare many vintage beads, vintage buttons and craft supplies. But due to many factors - we have not listed may of the great items we have available.

So we are planning to completely overhaul Jewels and Finery Craft in 2012 and list all the great finds we have available. If we don't we soon will not be able to move in our storage areas!!

To everyone have a great New Year and good health, wealth and luck. 

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Crazy Quilt block Xmas 2011

Well here is the block that I have completed for December 2011. Sort of a trial run for the crazy quilt journal challenge next year. I have now signed up and as soon as I can figure how to save their logo (computer doesn't save anything in Firefox mode!!). I will show it on this blog.
So now have made the block 8" x 8".

Close up views.

Now I haven't sewn for a while as I found that my hands wouldn't work very well. But a bit of time and a little healing. My hands have improved - just wish the dizzy head I have had all year would lol!
So this is my first completed block. Just a little pleased with it.

Now for the 2012 challenge...................

Vintage beads and vintage buttons for sale on our website Jewels and Finery Craft.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Crazy Quilt Journal project for 2012 - a challenge

Over the last couple of years I have started to make various crazy quilt blocks, but some how get way laid and end up not finishing them. So this year me - Sue of Jewels and Finery Crafts is going to join the crazy quilt journal project for 2012.

Things I have attempted so far. A crazy quilt block like the vintage tie one above. Sewn together but remains unfinished.

And this one that has just a little decoration, but sadly relegated to the sewing box incomplete. I love the crazy quilting look. Maybe because the normal quilting and patchwork is a little too formal for my tastes. Adding colour and embellishing with beads, buttons, scraps of fabric and lace just appeals to me much more. For some great examples look here crazy quilting international blog

So this year I am going to join this journal and complete 11 blocks - one each month. I intent to post the finished piece on here. Now I haven't sewn for a long time now. Kids, work and then a couple of years with hands that wouldn't work. (They still don't work very well, but I have adjusted the way I do things that can allow me to get more done). Has meant I have done very little craft wise for a while.

So this is the Christmas 2011 crazy quilt block just started. What have I learnt so far - check your measurements before cutting the backing material template. This 6" x 6" block is a little squiffy because I didn't!! Think I will do 8" x 8" ones from now on as well. This is a little small for sewing the end projects into a reasonable sized quilt.

Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2012

Friday, 4 November 2011

Out of print knitting patterns

Jewels and Finery Craft are slowly adding the vast inventory collected of out of print knitting patterns.
At the moment we are concentrating on the vintage knitting patterns for women.
The knitting patterns that we source are from the 1920s up to present day and all are out of print, being previously used. They are all the original and we do not sell any photocopies or copied material. The out of print knitting patterns are genuine and some are in very good condition. Others may have been well used with creases and a few coffee stains - but we look for the unusual or interesting garments to knit.

Here are just a few of our latest patterns added.

Two tone out of print knitting pattern for a women's suit. Published in 1984 - this pattern is actually dated. A skirt and sweater in a style that would look fashionable worn today. Produced by Patons Moorland.

A more modern out of print knitting pattern from recent years. Some great bags and belts to knit. this knitting patter is by Stylecraft, but we have ones from Patons, Vogue, Lister, Sirdar and many other companies.
1960s genuine Robin's vintage knitting pattern for three fabulous tops to knit. Same colour and style but with a different patterned finish. Love the hair styles of the models! Tops like these do not go out of fashion and are so cool for summer wear.Now stopping this blogging business to add some more patterns.... 

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Repairing vintage brooches

When vintage brooches need repair it is often the pin that is the problem. It has become detached and is missing or has been bent and broken. It is easy to replace the pins. First choose the correct length by measuring and adding at least 2 mm extra. Suitable for most pin fastenings except riveted ones that need a cross pin. Look at the empty fastening part that holds the pin. If it has dimples that protrude on either side, then use this type of pin. However if there are two tiny holes on either side then this is for a cross pin.  

At Jewels and Finery Craft, we have replacement pins of many different lengths. Available to buy in ones.

Available in a brass colour that is ideal for vintage brooches.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Repair vintage jewellery on Jewels and Finery Craft

On Jewels and Finery Craft, which has a vintage craft supplies ethos, we have a category for repair jewellery. To this section we add many repair pieces from brooches to be re- enameled to genuine vintage necklaces that need to be restrung or upcycled.
Just a few pieces for sale at the moment but we have many many other repair vintage jewellery to be added.

This white bead necklace has five strands and a superb ornate clasp. It can be repaired by restringing as there is some string pull on the ends and is liable to break if worn as it is or upcycle to something more modern in look using the vintage craft parts and vintage beads

Not sure what the birds were originally - maybe from a wedding cake? However they have been made into a brooch - wearable but for the new owner to decide.

Many of these fine bone china brooches and earrings have been damaged. But are now ideal for upcycling. Soak of the brooch finding by leaving the piece in water for at least 48 hours, using a small screw driver - gently test to see if the finding will unstick. If it does not re-emerse for another 24 hours and continue until it comes apart.
The china section can be used to decorate a mirror or picture frame. One piece can be used or more to cover all the frame. The broken edges can also be re - enameled with enamel paint or coloured nail polish to blend in with the rest of the flowers. Rough edges to the china where broke, can be gently filed to a more smoother edge is you so wish.

We often come across vintage jewellery from the seventies that is in plain gold or silver metal. They look a little tired with the metal plating worn. These pieces are ideal for a spot of upcycling. Using enamel paint they can have a make over. Best to apply more than one coat if you intend to wear.

Have fun crafting.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Vintage and out of print craft books

This past week we have revamped our craft website, Jewels and Finery craft to have postage by weight.
So we have been adding many of the used craft books on a wide range of subjects that we have had stored for some time.

Here are just a few:

On toy making....

On drawing, painting, stenciling, card making, decoupage, scrapbooking and other paper crafts...........

Craft books for children.............

On jewellery making and beading............

Craft books using dried and real flowers..........

Knitting and crochet books..............

Books on sewing, embroidery, patchwork, quilt making, canvas work and much more.........

And lastly other craft books including lace and bobbin making, woodwork, model making, DIY, sculpture, corn dolly making, doughcraft and candle making, so much more to come....