Thursday, 1 September 2011

Repair vintage jewellery on Jewels and Finery Craft

On Jewels and Finery Craft, which has a vintage craft supplies ethos, we have a category for repair jewellery. To this section we add many repair pieces from brooches to be re- enameled to genuine vintage necklaces that need to be restrung or upcycled.
Just a few pieces for sale at the moment but we have many many other repair vintage jewellery to be added.

This white bead necklace has five strands and a superb ornate clasp. It can be repaired by restringing as there is some string pull on the ends and is liable to break if worn as it is or upcycle to something more modern in look using the vintage craft parts and vintage beads

Not sure what the birds were originally - maybe from a wedding cake? However they have been made into a brooch - wearable but for the new owner to decide.

Many of these fine bone china brooches and earrings have been damaged. But are now ideal for upcycling. Soak of the brooch finding by leaving the piece in water for at least 48 hours, using a small screw driver - gently test to see if the finding will unstick. If it does not re-emerse for another 24 hours and continue until it comes apart.
The china section can be used to decorate a mirror or picture frame. One piece can be used or more to cover all the frame. The broken edges can also be re - enameled with enamel paint or coloured nail polish to blend in with the rest of the flowers. Rough edges to the china where broke, can be gently filed to a more smoother edge is you so wish.

We often come across vintage jewellery from the seventies that is in plain gold or silver metal. They look a little tired with the metal plating worn. These pieces are ideal for a spot of upcycling. Using enamel paint they can have a make over. Best to apply more than one coat if you intend to wear.

Have fun crafting.

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