Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Crazy Quilt Journal project for 2012 - a challenge

Over the last couple of years I have started to make various crazy quilt blocks, but some how get way laid and end up not finishing them. So this year me - Sue of Jewels and Finery Crafts is going to join the crazy quilt journal project for 2012.

Things I have attempted so far. A crazy quilt block like the vintage tie one above. Sewn together but remains unfinished.

And this one that has just a little decoration, but sadly relegated to the sewing box incomplete. I love the crazy quilting look. Maybe because the normal quilting and patchwork is a little too formal for my tastes. Adding colour and embellishing with beads, buttons, scraps of fabric and lace just appeals to me much more. For some great examples look here crazy quilting international blog

So this year I am going to join this journal and complete 11 blocks - one each month. I intent to post the finished piece on here. Now I haven't sewn for a long time now. Kids, work and then a couple of years with hands that wouldn't work. (They still don't work very well, but I have adjusted the way I do things that can allow me to get more done). Has meant I have done very little craft wise for a while.

So this is the Christmas 2011 crazy quilt block just started. What have I learnt so far - check your measurements before cutting the backing material template. This 6" x 6" block is a little squiffy because I didn't!! Think I will do 8" x 8" ones from now on as well. This is a little small for sewing the end projects into a reasonable sized quilt.

Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2012

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  1. You're right, what do you do with 12-6" blocks? I decided to make one extra, a 12" block and surround it with my 12 smaller ones. We'll see how it works.


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