Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Crazy quilt block for January 2012

Here's the next block for January 2012. When I started this challenge. I decided to make a quilt cover that held memories of each passing month.

This 8 x 8 inch crazy quilt piece will be added to the others by a black border and backing eventually. Well that's what I have planned.  So the outer edges remains just tacked together.

This cold damp month has started well - no snow here so far. But my daughter was made redundant from her job at Pumpkin Patch. So I found a label and used it in the quilt.

Then during this month our oldest son turned 21. Though he and his friends still seem to act like 15 year old kids!!

Finding bits and pieces for the quilt blocks has been easy. I have collected and still collect interesting fabrics, ribbon and pieces of lace. Though I will have to get some more thread soon. Love sewing over some of the patterns on the fabrics. Have found a copy of "Mary Thomas's dictionary of embroidery stitches, so that I can practice some new stitches and remind myself of some ones that I knew about 30 years ago. . 

Have really enjoyed sewing a little each night. Now to start February's block.