Sunday, 11 March 2012

Crazy Quilted Memory Block February 2012

Doesn't time fly far too quick. February is now well over and March is over by a week. Later finishing the February 2012 crazy quilted block. As far too many distractions happened last month.
This is the memory block for February 2012.

Well it covers the memories of our family for last month. Hearts and flowers for Valentine day. Had a lovely card from hubby - that I brought myself!. As he was a bit busy, a few days before he confessed that he had not brought me a card yet. Now unusually I had been organized and had sent for a Valentine's card from Anne Stokes. I love the dragon cards she produces and this year she had two Valentine cards - so undecided I had sent for the two. So I gave hubby the one that suited him most to give to me!
As for pressies - I said I would send for a rose bush from David Austin. We had seen "Ferdinand Pichard" at the NEC, Gardener's World show. Its a lovely old English rose of white with pink markings. Now just one?? No I had to send for two. the other is "The Mayflower" another old English rose, both for the front garden we are renovating.

The large black eye is for my oldest son. Unfortunately he was picked on by a large group of bullies and cowards in a night club last month. Not one onto one - they ALL had to join in. They broke his nose and gave him bruises around his face and eyes. Because not content with throwing lots of punches, they had to kick him on the floor. These six cowards, made a "Saturday night" routine" of going out to pick a fight on someone. They all now have a police record - which will stay with them for life.These cowards have made many enemies and lost friends in the process, as well as self respect - was it worth it? Not content with fighting not just once but twice - they followed my son and his friend to the local hospital and jumped him again and his friend also. Then they tried harassment to try to get him to drop the charges - it didn't work. 
My son has moved on and will become something far better than any of these cowards will ever be.

In this block have been trying out a few new stitches. Now just have to get out of the garden and start March's      

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