Friday, 25 May 2012

1950s Vintage Knitting Patterns

Over the last few weeks we have added many vintage knitting patterns and out of print knitting patterns for women and the rest of the family. Amongst those patterns are some original 1950s vintage pattern booklets to knit.

This knitting pattern has some very nice cardigan and jackets for women to knit. Fabulous 1950s style clothing that would not look odd if worn today with modern clothing or go for the whole fifties feminine look.

There are two booklets that have sweaters to make in the one above.

This one sweater is on the back. Some of the patterns are in black and white, not colour as with today. We had just started to get back on our feet following the long war years that had made things very difficult for the UK. But we still had rationing until the mid 1950s and things were still very much in short supply.

But there are the odd ones that are in colour. Enjoy owning and making these great knit, no one else will have the same on and accessorize them with real 1950s vintage jewellery to be even more unique.

Please note our website Jewelsandfinerycraft is no longer available. 

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