Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Crazy Quilt Block for March 2012

Well I didn't meet the deadline for the 3 blocks submitted by April as my third block - this one was delayed due to an ongoing health problem with one of my children. But I did manage to complete and are well on the way with April's block, just slightly delayed. Hopefully I should catch up this months.

 For March's block. I decided to stick with just a few colours and a mainly white background. Most of the embroidery is done in metallic thread.

I added some ribbon, so was not so flat. Embroidered mostly bright flowers and colorful edging as this month was exceptionally sunny and I started on the garden early.

Now in all I have 4 blocks completed and another one almost half finished. Quite pleased with myself to have sewn so much recently.

Hopefully soon my child will receive the treatment that he should have had months ago. I am really fed up of writing letters of complaint. The NHS has really gone down hill. This was what was planned all along - get rid of the NHS and have private services in for those that can pay. Those that can not, well .................tough!! 

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