Monday, 14 May 2012

Easter CQ block complete

Behind by two months I have managed to catch up with my April 2012 block, sewn by crazy quilting standards.
Of course April was Easter, so I had to have a themed quilt block!

Bunnies and chickens had to be added. Three orange chick are singing in this month where I can get outside and garden in peace.

Don't have rabbits in our garden - only big fat pigeons that love the flowers on our  cherry tree. Taken to going out and frightening them away as they tuck into the pretty white flowers.Just really want a few cherries later this year lol.

A little faint but there is reference on a piece for my husbands 51st birthday in April.  This is of course mostly a memory quilt block.

In the middle is a black spiral - representative of the depression that one of my family has suffered from, this month and the brick walls with high barriers that the NHS put up when we tried to get him treatment. Not a happy time for this family. Very stressful and unbelievably the service that should have treated him; had a couldn't be bothered attitude and go elsewhere. So in my time honored reaction I complained and will keep doing so until the attitudes and stigmatization changes.

Solihull has no Aspergers and autism services. So here's my box with these people left to fend for themselves. Unfortunately Aspergers Syndrome and people on the autistic spectrum are put into the mental health category by the NHS. But the Solihull mental health services are not providing for these people. I can not tell you how angry this makes me.  

The tree of life - it should be available for all.....................


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