Monday, 14 May 2012

Gothic picture frame make over

For months I have had a large poster of a dragon and cross from Anne Stokes. I just love her work and have this poster, calender and some cards. But the poster needed a frame and the only one I could find was a plain light pine one that fitted.

So I jazzed it up with paper mache and a few discarded toys.

Had to stand at the bottom of the stairs to take this as its so large.

  It took 3 layers of tissue cut and pasted on to give a crinkled effect. Once dry I painted it in silver, this took a couple of coats. then a light sponging with a gold paint to finish.

My son had emptied his cupboards and thrown away all the left over toys he had when young. A rubber skeleton and plastic shrunken head were amongst the. So I rescued them, cut them up and added them to the frame with a layer of paper tissue mache. This was after the whole frame had been covered with the two layers of tissue.

The rubber skull head cut to a mask shape, glued on first and then mached over.

The rubber spine at the one side.

A couple of bone legs at the top. The arms are on the other corner but couldn't photograph that without falling down stairs. lol

Lastly the ribs on one side of the frame.

Now looking for a suitable frame to jazz up for a few cards.

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