Friday, 29 June 2012

May in June Crazy Quilt Block

Now if you have read the last blog, I managed to mix up May with June and so completed the June crazy quilt block in May and then started the May block in June. I'll just blame this on advancing years and a multitude of events going on in my life that was causing a lot of stress.
Anyhow I managed to finish Mays block by mid June which was quite an achievement. Here it is.

Back to the traditional patchwork base and managed to get the month aimed for right. Have done this in purples and black to signify that we did have a horrible month with an ongoing illness and a death in our family.

Did a bit of bead work on this block using some vintage beads from my stash. Also used a few more buttons - which I do seem to collect!

I think I am getting better with the embroidery and edging, maybe that is why I finished so quick or it could be that its been raining so much this last month that I can not get into the garden so easily!!  

Thursday, 28 June 2012

June's Crazy Quilt block now finished

Have you ever done something silly - like getting the month wrong. Unfortunately now days this seems to be quite normal for me lol. So when I started May's crazy quilt block I added the ribbons and started embroidering the date. I managed to get to the U of June before realizing it should have said May. So by this point I decided to continue and do May's block later.So here is the finished block.

This is different from the other blocks so far in that I decided to use ribbon rows instead of the traditional crazy patchwork. I liked the finished effect personally.

 Because it was the Queen's 25th anniversary, I had to include something royal.My crown however does look like an elaborate bobble hat!

Found some pretty flag ribbon in a vintage look which I liked and some orange butterflies and flower ribbon that was ideal to cut up for individual motifs. So that was my number 6 block since December, quite an achievement considering.