Thursday, 28 June 2012

June's Crazy Quilt block now finished

Have you ever done something silly - like getting the month wrong. Unfortunately now days this seems to be quite normal for me lol. So when I started May's crazy quilt block I added the ribbons and started embroidering the date. I managed to get to the U of June before realizing it should have said May. So by this point I decided to continue and do May's block later.So here is the finished block.

This is different from the other blocks so far in that I decided to use ribbon rows instead of the traditional crazy patchwork. I liked the finished effect personally.

 Because it was the Queen's 25th anniversary, I had to include something royal.My crown however does look like an elaborate bobble hat!

Found some pretty flag ribbon in a vintage look which I liked and some orange butterflies and flower ribbon that was ideal to cut up for individual motifs. So that was my number 6 block since December, quite an achievement considering.

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