Friday, 14 December 2012

July in December, Crazy quilt block

Now I now I haven't posted for a long time, but have managed to finish the July block and started the August block that yet lays unfinished. We have had an absolutely awful year. My son has been unwell for most of this year and then in July my husband's mother passed away. It was completely a shock and very unexpected. Throw in the deaths of our beloved German Shepherd, Ufton and our beautiful cat, Monty. Then my husband fell and broke his shoulder in two places. My health has suffered; and just to make the year end in the fashion its become used to - a well known pay day loan company took over £400 from our account fraudulently. Never been a customer, the bank were very good and we have the money back - but of course all the payments we had due didn't go out and so we have had to sort that out. Roll on 2013 and we hope its so much better for us and of course everyone else!!

Any how, not to get too despondent here is the July block :)

This is the start of the August block which yet lays unfinished.

Well I managed to almost complete 8 blocks this year. With the one from last December I now have 9 blocks to sew together. Next year I will start again and you never know maybe I will complete all 12!!    

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