Friday, 1 February 2013

I love old vintage brooches on my lapel

I have always loved to pin a vintage brooch to my lapel. The vintage brooch itself usually matched the occasion and my mood. So at the moment I have a vintage diamante brooch with turquoise and clear stones. Because I needed to brighten up the long cold days and with a hint of the coming spring. At Christmas I wear of course a Christmas brooch and the same at Halloween. I have a selection of witch brooches and pumpkins/black cats etc that I rotate each day.

This is one of my favourite vintage brooches from Sarah Coventry - I have the matching earrings but tend not to wear them. It is called Satin Petals and is from the 1960s. Its an any occasion one.

This is my large scarab brooch circa 1970s that I wear when it is very sunny or want to be individual.

This purple daisy vintage brooch from Mirella (can also be found signed Exquisite - as produced by the same company) This is more a spring brooch and as soon as the weather warms up, will start to wear it again.

This enamel brooch came to me from my grandmother and again I wear this during the spring or summer. I always wear a brooch pinned to my coat or jacket's lapel. Other times on a dress or blouse when its warm.

Having re-enameled this vintage Christmas rose brooch by Exquisite, I have worn this post Christmas and through the last week of snow. the original middle stamen were yellow, but I changed the colour to blue just to be unique.

These are just some of my day wear brooches used when shopping or going out during the day. then there are my evening brooches which I will show soon.

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