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As you will have guessed this is not my only blog. Jewels Vintage Vibes is one of three that I write and blog. Each is very different and if you would like to have a look then here they are:
My main blog is Vintage Jewels blog on old and new costume jewellery. This looks at the history of antique and vintage jewellery to new jewellery produced today, with designer information and just a fabulous show case of costume jewellery.

 blog on antique and vintage costume jewellery

Then my other blog is something totally different. If you like to know about superstition and their origins. What is an amulet and many examples explained or want to know about Gothic and alternate jewellery? Then take a look at my Gothic White Witch blog. I also show case Gothic White Witch jewellery and accessories.

 Gothic and alternative jewellery on Gothic white witch

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